Heritage Equities Incorporated was founded by Howe Whitman in 1973.  Vincent Merkle Jr. partnered with the firm in 1999.  Heritage remains a privately held, family controlled business with offices currently in Atlanta, Georgia and Lakeland, Florida.

Heritage manages and develops its business interests on behalf of the family and their partners.  Mr. Whitman and Mr. Merkle's combined experience of over seventy-five years working within the commercial real estate industry has allowed Heritage to be continuously active in the brokerage, rehabilitation, development and management of commercial and investment real estate.

The corporation has been involved in the assembly of land and the sale of commercial and investment property throughout the states of Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and Alabama.

The corporation and its affiliates have participated in numerous investment activities over its history including the development, redevelopment and renovation of multi-family, single family, condo conversion, hotel, retail, office (including medical/professional), industrial, business park, educational (including charter school) and the respective leasing and management thereof.  Heritage also controls over 700 acres for future development in and around the metropolitan Atlanta and central Florida areas.  

Management and leasing of the Georgia properties are handled by Mr. Merkle with the management and leasing of the Florida properties handled by both Mr. Merkle and Mr. Whitman.

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”
— Helen Keller